I was influenced by the grading scale used by a blog by Martina Bex on assessment and grading.  I really love her reasoning and concepts!  However, as a colleague pointed out, a grading system like this won’t fly in my district because her have a strong emphasis on the unit test.  All grading systems must have a high stakes test grade.  I hashed it out with my colleague, crunching numbers (which was pretty funny – there’s a reason neither of us teach math).  We came up with this as possible categories for Spanish IV next year: 

  • Writing 20%
  • Speaking 20%
  • Listening 15%
  • Reading 15%
  • Cumulative assessment 20%
  • Work ethics 10%

I’ll check this with her and make sure I remember it correctly.  I know we wanted to place more emphasis on output than input (writing/speaking as output).  I also know that I wanted to emphasize that, although we have a “high stakes test”, it is not as important as actual demonstrated proficiency.  Work ethics would include participation and homework.

UPDATE: I still have to include a quiz grade as well for my Spanish II classes so their categories/weights will be:

  • Quiz 20%
  • Test 20%
  • Work ethics 10%
  • Proficiency:
    • Writing 15%
    • Speaking 15%
    • Listening 10%
    • Reading 10%



One thought on “Grading

  1. Martina Bex says:

    Ugh! I can’t believe that you must include a high stakes test grade and the quiz grade! It seems like that is moving backward, not forward! I love how you’ve adapted the system to work with your requirements 🙂

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