Introduction of new vocabulary in online classes

In the classroom, I would be able to use TPRS strategies to introduce new vocabulary, but I don’t have that option online.  Instead, I have created reading segments to begin with called, “Try interpreting on your own”.  I use easy-to-recognize terms from the vocab and cognates to make the reading manageable.  This gives students an introduction to the vocabulary in use.  If I can incorporate visuals, I do that as well:

mayan numbers

¿Has visto una vez unos jeroglíficos? ¿Cuánto sabes de las civilizaciones antiguas? ¿Te interesa la historia?  En el siglo IV de nuestra era, la cultura maya se había establecido sólidamente en el norte y en el centro del Petén.  La religión maya se había convertido en un culto sumamente desarrollado y complejo.

You have already learned how to use participles, like desarrollado, convertido, and establecido. Find those particples in the example above. Are they being used as verbs or as adjectives? What word is being used with them? What do you think they mean?

If I can pull from prior knowledge to introduce the new vocab, I incorporate many of those words in what they are reading and ask them to brainstorm from a category.  For example, as my Spanish II classes start the unit on clothes shopping, they are expanding on the clothing terms they learned in Spanish I.  I use what they already know and add detail from the new vocabulary, then ask them to make a list of the terms they remember from Spanish I that relate to clothes.

I also like to use online resources like VOKI and ToonDoo to add interest to the introduction pages.



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