Videos as speaking/writing prompts

I love this video of two twin babies involved in a conversation nobody else understands!  Have you seen it?


When I find a video like this, I like to let students work in pairs and create the conversation themselves.  They can then load the video into a movie editor and write in subtitles so we know what the twins are “really saying”.  This works well with other videos you can find of two animals who seem to communicate.


In fact, I like the one posted below, two foxes on a trampoline, to have students practice actually speaking.  They take the video file and mute it, then voice-over a new conversation on behalf of the animals.


On a smaller scale, you can use videos to prompt speaking in the same way I’ve mentioned using other visuals: Visual Prompt for Speaking

Just mute the volume on any Nature video or video with a lot of action and let the students follow the same steps… words, phrases, questions….

Fox Hunt

NOTE: If you use Firefox, you can get the plug in that allows you to simply download any video easily as a file.  if not, you can use to download the video for use.


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