Okay, I have updated it again.  This is the homework for my class.  Students complete 3 assignments every two weeks.  They can’t do the same ones twice in a quarter.  If they repeat in a different quarter, they change the content.  I’m very happy with the results so far.  The students have responded very well to it and grading is really easy.


The Facebook page is shared with an English teacher in Colombia.  My students seem excited to knwo that when they post in English on the page, a student in Colombia is using it to practice English.  I just added the last one, about them messaging the students, because I would like to encourage more interaction between the students.  The other teacher and I monitor closely, making sure that all who post on there are actually our students and we delete anything else that shows up immediately.

If you would like a document so you can modify it, email me.



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