Afrolatinos projects

As we move into February, I am ready to introduce our AfroLatinos projects to my classes, which we will present as the month ends. 

My Spanish II classes will research their assigned people and write a one-paragraph report in which they are beginning to distinguish between the proper uses of our two main past tenses, the imperfect and the preterite. 

My Spanish IV students will be doing a more extensive study on interpretation of poetry and understanding la poesía afrolatina as a genre. 

Both classes will be presenting their information at the end of the month.  They will bring the required information in on a brown paper bag and I will fill the bag with popcorn.  The popcorn is just something I like to do each year – I stole the idea from my daughter’s second grade teacher.  🙂

Spanish II afrolatinos project
Spanish IV la poesía afrolatina

Spanish IV figuras literarias

I’ll update this with some student works. I have video of some previous presentations, but do not have permission to share these publicly. 


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