Group projects

I would really like to get feedback from other teachers in regards to group projects.  What are the keys to making them successful and meaningful projects?  How do you make sure the work is distributed? 

My current unit happens to cover technology terms and commands.  I want the students to create internet safety videos and I plan to share them with our sister classes in Colombia and Peru. 

Video project

I tried out and I liked the ease of use as well as the no-cost sharing options.  I will follow up on this post with results (and some wideos?), but in the meantime, I would really like some suggestions for monitoring the groups.  J


One thought on “Group projects

  1. ana proctor says:

    Try buck institution for education. They have great rubrics for groups. They also have team building activities and presentation rubrics. The “outside audience” with the sister schools is terrific. I’d like to set that up for my students.

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