Spot it! Game in Spanish

Have you played Spot It! yet?  I loved it from the first time I played it and it has become a family favorite around here.  Image

The basic idea: (though the game instructions list many variations)  There is one match (and only one) between every two cards.  One card is placed face-up in front of each player.  A center card is turned up and the race begins to find what image you have in common with the center card.  When you have it, you yell it out and take the card.  It now becomes your new “top” card and a new center card is drawn.  The player with the most at the end wins.

They make a SPANISH SPOT IT too!  The Spanish Spot it! has word/image combinations to match.  The word “caja” can match another word saying “caja” or a picture of a “caja” (box).  Likewise, an image of a box matches an image of a box.

I bought four sets of SPANISH SPOT IT for my classroom and let them play in four groups.  I let the winners try their hand at my Sapo game.  I also created my own image sheets.  I laminated them and just put a few out along with each game for them to refer to as needed.  But really, it’s not about learning the vocabulary on the sheets.  I honestly believe this game trains you to think in the target language.  You don’t have time to think in English and translate.

In lieu of purchasing four, it could be used at one of your stations, if you do stations/centers activities.

My favorite thing about this game is that it is fast and easy to pull out in the last few minutes of class if you have time on any particular day.

For French teachers, there is a SPOT IT FRENCH too, but I don’t have an images sheet made for that one.


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