Los niños prisioneros de Bolivia

The Comprehensible Classroom

I am slowly but surely working on filling in the blank places on my Spanish 1 curriculum map. To create my Spanish 1 curriculum, I pulled vocabulary from the novels I wanted to read at the end of Spanish 1A (Agentes Secretos y el Mural de Picasso by Mira Canion) and the beginning of Spanish 1B (Esperanza by Carol Gaab) since the authors have already done the hard work of researching Spanish high frequency structures and writing the novels to intentionally provide repetitions of those structures. As the teacher, all I needed to do was read the novels and scan the word lists in the back to create my word list for Spanish 1. Easy peasy! (To find novels for your language and level so that you can backward plan like I did, check out the TPRS Publishing website.)

After I decided what structures I wanted to…

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