Reading Homework

This is amazing! I can’t wait to try this with my students. What a beautiful way of teaching them to read without feeling pressured to understand every word.

Bryan Kandel TPRS

Here’s an activity I assigned recently to be completed out of class.  I wanted to utilize the many stories I had created from past years that would otherwise go unused.  I chose and printed about 30 readings from my TPRS Readings Database.  I distributed them to each class.  No two students in any class had the same text.  I did my best to assign more difficult texts to stronger students and easier texts to those who struggle with reading.  I also gave them the following sheet to be completed:

Reading Homework 

The tasks are also listed below without space between for writing.  I do not typically assign writing to be completed outside of class.  In the future, I may have step #10 completed in class.  I plan to use this activity again.   Next time, I will assign authentic texts instead of my own stories.  I am excited about…

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