Student feedback

selfI have the pleasure of working with an amazing student teacher right now.  With her permission, I am sharing a form she created to let students self-assess as she prepared to begin teaching their classes. (click image for full view)  How clever!  Not only did it give them the chance to let her know how they felt about the material at this point, it also demonstrated her sincere concern for their success, right from the start.  Furthermore, it gave them ownership of their learning.  Notice the question below the chart, asking them what they plan to do to prepare for the test.

screenshot of my feedback responses from a recent test

I like to get feedback from them on each test, too.  I administer all of my tests online.  The oral assessment is done the class before, but I include that as a “question” on the test as well so that I can give them their score and feedback. I use this opportunity, this unnecessary “question” in my test, to ask them for feedback.  Sometimes I ask them what they found easiest or most difficult, what do they think they need to work more on, or what strategies they use for studying things like vocabulary.  I love reading their feedback!

I open the responses to that question and read down the page, paying attention to what each student says, and sometimes address the comments later in class.

Another strategy I want to mention when talking about student feedback is the participation self-assessment.  Many years ago, a colleague shared his form with me.  Each year I reflect on it and adjust it and this is the version I plan to put into effect next year.  I had to modify it again for a few reasons.  I like teaching on a basic 60%-100% scale, with 80% being average.  I had to figure out how to match their input to my idea of average, above average, and below average.  Their total points are translated into a __/10 grade.

Participation Self-Assessment

What do you do to get feedback from students?


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