House unit: vocabulary, writing, collaboration, and presentation


We started with creating triorama homes. I saw the idea on Pinterest and then found this video explaining how to make them: triorama

A student showed me how to cut slits in a fold, then fold it the opposite way to make pop-outs, like for furniture. (see the counter above)

I gave them these guidelines: Each group created four rooms. Each person in the group had to label five things in the house (any rooms). We folded the rooms (not glued yet) to save for next class.

The following class session, they glued the rooms together to create their “houses” and began the writing. They had to create a sales pitch for their open house event. They had to include specific grammar and lots of description.

I gave them 30 minutes to prepare, then had them each present their houses and the prices. For grading purposes, they each turned in a sheet listing the five items they had labeled and a brief writing about which house was their favorite and why (not their own).  This was the individual grade, but a group grade was given for the presentation.


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