Dating Site in Spanish 4 – Sharing student work

For our 3rd quarter assessment, my Spanish 4 students had to write a personal profile for a “dating site”.  I promise, it is relevant!  They had been working on the subjunctive with adjectival clauses.  Their requirements were a brief description, an explanation of why they are using online sources to find love, and what they are looking for in a “connection”. 

After the assessment, we returned to the writings they had done and posted them all onto a Google Site that I created, .  The next step was to read each other’s profiles and comment on them. 

*Disclaimer: The site you are linking to above has not been edited.  This is the original work of the students without resources.  That being the case, there are errors and some students specifically asked me to remove theirs before posting here on this blog. 

In their comments, students were expected to leave a name, but I had one young man who gave me a copy of his comment for grading, but asked me to please not tell her who wrote the comment.  How cute! (He wrote it for Belinda)

Another comment I loved … Loosely translated: “You should go out with me because I’m really ugly and you’ll look beautiful beside me. I’ll take you to the mall and buy you many dresses.”

Some were very creative in their writing. I put the most creative ones first.


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