MAPAS – end of year review project

IMG_20141210_122037_948  This is a project we do at the end of the year.  The students have a list of tasks to review what they have learned.  The grade is simply for writing the tasks out – some students just draw charts and fill in all of the information.  However, there is an incentive to be the most creative.  I have given gift cards and other prizes for the most creative from each class.  In fact, there are many businesses who will donate your prizes if you ask nicely.  One year, i was able to give movie passes for the local cinema!

Here is the list of tasks for Spanish II: MAPA 2

Here is the last of tasks for my Spanish IV: MAPA 4

On this blog, you can see the winners from previous years.  Some wrote the tasks on items or as part of the overall image, others use the task responses as the lines for the drawing.  IMG_20140605_142615_007

IMG_20140605_143134_629IMG_20141210_122052_144 IMG_20141210_122111_106IMG_20140605_143451_631IMG_20140605_143344_053 IMG_20140605_143504_106 IMG_20140605_143513_351 IMG_20140605_143525_175 IMG_20140606_153105_935


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