The Virginia Living Museum gets Spanished!

museum project picMy classes are creating resources for Spanish-speaking guests at local attractions.  Last year, my Spanish IV classes created audio “overviews” of the different areas in the Virginia Living Museum. We got a grant and purchased mp3 players to store them on in the museum.

My Spanish III class (which is an online class) helped with the audio by listening and providing feedback. They also created the Spanish version of the museum map for visitors.

The museum will have two maps, one with audio “links” telling visitors which track to listen to in which area of the museum, and another without the links in case the audio is not available. Here is one of the maps: mapa_con audio

I also created a powerpoint explaining what we did.  It includes rubrics and information I assume teachers would need if they want to try similar projects in their communities.  TPBL presentation

And of course, you can comment any questions if you need help planning a Get Spanished project.

*Added note: I want others to know, before embarking on a project involving the contribution of audio files, that all students had to record to the audio three times in all.  Plan accordingly.  I have experience with audio manipulation, and maybe I’m just  too picky about the audio quality.  But even with the final files, I spent a lot of time on Audacity to remove background noises and normalize all files to a similar dB.  I don’t want listeners to have to adjust the volume drastically from one file to the next.  I don’t think I will do an audio contribution with the next project unless I can acquire better mics or recording equipment. 


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