Cuadernos mariposas

Strange name? I have a class set of small notebooks to act as journals in the classroom. However, the journals do not belong to the students – they rotate through the classroom (like mariposas).

I want them to interact with each other’s writing, at a level beyond proofreading or critiquing. For example, one day the topic is about their future plans. The next day, they have different journals and they read the plans of a classmate and offer advice.

Or I put up a controversial question. They have to choose a side and support it. The next day, they read the opinion of a classmate and have to argue the other side, regardless of the side they had originally chosen.

The grades and feedback are written on a separate page, with a block for each student. Once I’ve recorded the grades, I cut it up and give them their slips. Each journal is numbered and I have a system for rotating them.

What do you do for interpersonal writing?


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