Conexiones assignment, other teachers needed


My Conexiones assignment is a list of about 40 tasks that students do to seek out and use Spanish in their daily lives. They only have to choose about 6-12 per quarter, depending on the level of the class.  Conexiones v8.1 (This one does not contain the assignments that are specific to MY class)

One of the assignment choices was a Facebook page that I created with a teacher in Colombia. There are questions in both languages, but not translations. (What is a regional food where you live? ¿Quién es tu cantante/grupo favorito?) My requirement was that my students answer a question in English and a question in Spanish. She had a different requirement and they always had to reply in English. We each used it in different ways.

I would pull this page up in class. The students had to look for similarities and differences in the responses.  They would sometimes ask, “Why do we have to write in English for a Spanish class?” and I would reply, “So the Colombian students can use your answers as reading practice.” This really seemed to animate them!

Who would like to join forces for this page once again?


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