BTS after winter break

uvas2On the first day back, I want to share the tradition of eating 12 grapes along with the 12 bells at midnight. However, those of us with more than 100 students have no intentions of bringing 12 grapes per kid so they can try it out.

Instead, I bring in four sets of the grapes for each class and get four volunteers to demonstrate the ñom-ñomming of a grape with each chime.

Here’s the video we will use to demonstrate. (Let the volunteers know to not start devouring grapes until they actually see the numbers counting down on the screen.) *Update: the video was removed after a while. Just be sure to search You Tube after January 1 each year to find the latest posted clip. Here is an example (if it doesn’t get removed): 

Also, if you Google-Image doce uvas, you can find a variety of ways to set them up elegantly for the class to see before they are eaten.

This can be followed up with a range of activities, depending on the level. Have them draw 12 circles on a page and write a 2016 bendición on each one (dinero, salud, salud de mi familia, buenas notas, etc…)

Or have a higher level do a 3P’s chart (productos, prácticas, y perspectivas) after seeing the video and others that explain various New Year’s traditions and make a comparison between what they see and their own traditions.

¡Feliz año nuevo a todos y les deseo mucha risa y felicidad en 2016!


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