Quick prep for a movie

This is a movie lesson that involves lots of discussion on part of the students, and very little prep on part of the teacher.  My AP class used this activity with the Argentinean film, Anita. https://youtu.be/wTKaDxn-IDA


The students copy six questions from the board before the movie, leaving space for answers.

  1. Describe a prominent character in this segment of the movie.
  2. Tell what a character is feeling at this moment.
  3. Explain both sides of a conflict in this part of the movie.
  4. Make a prediction.
  5. Find a connection, something you have in common with the movie.
  6. Express your opinion about something going on in this part of the movie.

The questions can be modified for lower levels and would be in the target language.

The students are arranged in groups. I pause the movie periodically, and each student rolls the die to determine which question to answer in their group.  They don’t write answers yet, just share responses. I listen to their discussions. After the movie, they write answers for each question, to include a 7th question about the overall theme of the movie.


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