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Here is a tutorial about creating a Dashboard. You’ll need some experience in Powerpoint to understand the tutorial, but it also teaches a lot of simple tips that many regular Powerpoint users aren’t aware of.

Create a Classroom Dashboard in Powerpoint from Vallarie Sevilla on Vimeo.

Examples & Shares

Yerba Mate
Yerba Mate image created by Val Sevilla

Since posting this, I have been asked about sharing my own dashboard. I’ve experimented with a few, so I am putting them in a folder to share, but many of my own have images related to our school as well. My favorite creation is the Yerba Mate that I added to my desk this year, so it is in the folder as well. I created an ending slide that shows the Mate finished up. All files are found here: Dashboards

What’s it about?

As my traditional students enter the room, they see something like this:

SP2 Q3

And as my online students check the announcements, they see something like this:


In the classroom, the Dashboard is on the screen letting students know the objectives, warm-up, word-of-the-day, homework, and upcoming due dates.

Online, it presents a clear picture of what needs to be done each day and where to find things. I found that online students frequently skim the page so I wanted to make my announcements more “skimmable”.

And it’s quick and easy to update! I created an overall design, then saved it as an image, like this one, which was customized for a friend. :0)


With the image as my background in Powerpoint, I just drag and drop, or modify text as needed before the next class session. For example, I move the homework from tonight to the box for what needs to be turned in, and the next quiz is dragged from the upcoming dates text. Then I add in any new homework and change the date. I have a full list of what needs to be turned in throughout the quarter, and then I just remove items from the list as they happen.
Please share your image in the comments if you make a Dashboard of your own! I’d love to see more designs. And feel free to ask if you run into any problems making it.

Important Note: A Virtual Classroom Dashboard is designed for visual learners. Online, it is very important to also include a link to a text only document listing all of the same information in a clear and precise manner.

Making the Dashboard meet Accessibility Guidelines: If the background is saved as instructed in the video, then the only objects on the slide are text boxes. A screenreader can read these for students who use one, but you may need to check the reading order first. To do this, I always pull up the Selection Pane and review the list from bottom to top, which is the order in which it will be read.


21 thoughts on “Classroom Dashboard

  1. asherbody says:

    Hi, Vallarie:

    This is awesome, thanks! A little glitch: I am sure I have the latest PowerPoint version but I do not have (or see) the option to insert online images or the option to make the background of those images transparent. Am I missing a step? Thanks,


    1. Roxana says:

      Love this idea and would like to do it in my classroom! The link you provided under Examples and Shares does not work. Would you please post the correct link? ¡Muchas gracias!

      1. Roxana says:

        Sorry for the double comments. It seemed like my first comment had disappeared, so I reposted, but now I see it again

  2. profe Giganti says:

    I love the idea, I just wonder, if you use presentations later, during the day, how do you keep these contents available for the students through the class. (I am thinking “metas” my Admin would like to see available for the whole class period) Do you repeat this somewhere else?

    1. Val says:

      I don’t have the Metas showing all class period. I have discussed this with my admin and they agreed that what mattered most was pointing them out at the beginning of class and making sure students understand the goals. But I know many say you have to have them displayed all period, so you might have to also have them on a board or something.

      1. Roxana Dickerson says:

        I would love to use this idea in my classroom, but the link posted under Examples and Shares does not work. Would you please post the correct link? ¡Muchas gracias! 🙂

    2. Val says:

      You’re right. It goes away. You could have goals still posted in the board in English for admin if they say it’s necessary. I discussed it with my admin in advance and they support what I’m doing. If anyone visits my class, I always follow up by sending them the slide.

  3. Juniace Senecharles Etienne says:

    I love the dashboard idea can I have access to your link? I am having a hard time to format one.

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