18 awesome TV shows in Spanish

The list: netflix.pdf

TV list

What it’s about:

I created a list of made-in-Spanish shows that are currently on Netflix, and added short descriptions. I shared it with my students before summer, and will pass it out again now. I’ve also thought of showing a trailer or two to try to see if it grabs interest.

I know of some schools that are allowing students to watch the episodes in class, but I don’t think I’d have time in my classes even if I could get permission. However, if you are showing them in class, check out the activity I posted about for movies: Quick Prep for a Movie

I want them to see that not all shows in Spanish are like the stereotypical telenovelas.

My personal favorites are El gran hotel, Lady la vendedora de rosas, and La esclava blanca. But I’ve watched enough of the others to be able to make recommendations. Certain students are fascinated that there’s a series about a secret ministry working for the king of Spain that travels time to correct inconsistencies.

By the way, no denying it, I deliberately left off all of the drug and cartel-themed programs. I don’t like the stereotype of all Latinos being drug dealers and cartel members and feel like a big part of that comes from the popularity of those shows.

I left it blank on top for others to use, but my own contains a disclaimer. I am only letting students know what’s out there and that they are expected to review their viewing choices with a parent, as I am unaware of the ratings or age-appropriateness of the shows, or of what is considered appropriate in their own homes.

Enjoy! Let me know what your own favorites are, especially if they’re not on my list.

Meanwhile, can anyone find out why we can’t view Soy Luna or Violetta here in the States? They are Disney programs made-in-Spanish and available on Netflix in other countries. Soy Luna would be really fun to share with students!



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