Review game – Nombra 3

Here is a fun way to review at the end of the year and it’s a game that can be adapted for different levels. The game is hosted in

Game objective:

Players reveal a category and have ten seconds to say three things that belong to that category.

How to play:

In class, divide everyone into (2-4) teams. Click Play and choose Baamboozle as the game. Select the number of teams you have and review the game options – be sure to set a timer for the questions! Team 1 picks a number and the player has ___ seconds to name three from that category. When the timer buzzes, you click to tell the game whether they were right or not and points are awarded.

The Game:

Open to play: Nombra 3

With an account, you can copy this to your own account and edit it. But even without an account, you can play it from the site. Students do not need accounts. The game can be played live, in person or virtually.

For full disclosure, I am now working as an instructional designer and no longer teaching Spanish. However, I still have multiple resources and I still create learning objects for Spanish, so I will continue to share. Feel free to comment with any questions and I will reply as soon as possible.


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