Printable to gamify any concept for practice

Gamify any concept that your scholars need to practice and it no longer feels like practicing, right? Free printable Parcheesi game boards

Parcheesi is one of humanity’s oldest board games and a quick search will give you plenty of background if you have never played it before. My students exclaimed, “Oh, it’s like Sorry or Trouble,” but it’s more like the grandparent of both games and many others.

It is a game for two to four players, and each player has four playing pieces. The pieces start off in one block and have to travel the board by dice-roll until it they make it all the way around and can enter the final goal. Fairly simple. But along the way, you have to avoid being landed on by other players (which sends your piece back to the start) and you can form blockades by landing two of your pieces in the same space. Beyond this basic overview, you can find a wide variety of different rules and you can choose which ones to include in your class version.

The next step is to include our academic content. There are 68 spaces to be traversed in all and they are numbered. Create a list of 68 problems. If that is too much, make a list of 34 problems and place the numbers on both sides, so two numbers are for the same problem. In a World Language class, you can put verbs in the list and have students write the form you want them to practice as they land on it. You can have them create sentences with them. I am currently using it in Spanish AP to help them categorize some new AP-related terms into the AP themes. I made a simple sheet that looks like this:

And this is the list I gave them: AP terms (I use it for other games as well, so it has more numbers). They had to complete a row each term. If they repeat a word, they just find a different example and synonym. At the end of class, I give them time to choose five words to use in original sentences and this is what they turn in for a grade. The sheet stays in their notes for study and practice. If you are playing in Spanish, you can also feel free to use my Instructions in Spanish.

The spinning board here is one of the boards I made for class, but it was much more complicated than it needed to be. After printing the four sides on papers of different colors and mounting them together with spray adhesive, I added magnets so the game pieces “snap” together neatly.

In fact, I had all pieces spread out on a table as they entered for them to choose from. Of course they tried choosing the same colors as their friends. Then I announced that they had to form groups with one of each color in each group. They snapped their boards together and started playing.

Print in black&white, then color/outline with marker…
or print in color.

Recently, I had unexpected company and we wanted to try the game out. I was able to print it, cut it, and tape the pieces in under 5 minutes. So just remember that it is here for any time you need a last minute lesson plan change (surprise, we have an Assembly today and you won’t see your 3rd period) or print it out on cardstock and have it ready to play with any number of lists that your scholars need to practice.

So everyone enjoy your free board games and let me know in the comments how you used it! Printable Parcheesi Boards


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