Reading “enfoque”

After an allotted period of silent reading time using provided materials, my Spanish IV students should be able to do the following tasks:

  1. Write five cognates from the reading and what you think they mean.
  2. Find two new words that are not cognates and “guess” the meaning using context clues and/or pictures.
  3. Briefly describe the theme of the reading.
  4. Create a question from the reading and answer it. 

Here is the rubric I will use to grade them:

Advanced Themes are on target and well-elaborated. Uses advanced questioning. 
Proficient Theme is on target.  All sections are complete. The question relates to the topic.
Developing All is complete.  The theme and question are close to topic. 
Emerging All complete, but the reading was not fully understood. 
Beginner Not complete, but demonstrates and effort to complete and to understand the reading.    

I had to deliberate well on whether or not to require their writing to be in Spanish.  On the one hand, am I wanting to isolate the skill for proficiency.  However, I ultimately decided that I am capable of determining a well-elaborated theme and high end question even if it is full of writing mistakes.  I would prefer for my students to use only Spanish in the class. 



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