Language Con 2019

Advanced language students at GHS put together our first ever Language Con! Students brought food and artworks, competed in a Multilingual Spelling Bee, and performed.

Language Con 2019 Art Contest Theme: Art is a universal language

There were many students working behind the scenes as well, designing the programs, posters, and invitations. The event was student-directed and there were student announcers and conductors. A group of 20 or more students organized a band and several other groups made videos of various themes to show during the meal.

Through this event, we also celebrated the diverse backgrounds of our students by allowing them to perform in languages spoken at home.

There were three contests in all. The winning entry of the Flash Fiction contest can be read here: Flash Fiction Winner Guests voted on the artworks displayed and we announced a winner at the end, as well as the winner of the Multilingual Spelling Bee.

I’m still a little heady from the excitement of finally seeing this event come to life. Here’s a student-made video:

Some tools for having a Language Con at your school:

Link to the survey used for determining who would complete what tasks

Link to the survey for parents to complete after the event, offering feedback and ideas.


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