Why 90% Target Language?

What a perspective!

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How long is your class period? 43 minutes
How many days do you meet per week? 5
How many weeks in a marking period? 9
How many minutes of class wasted on announcements, attendance, passing out papers, etc? 3

40 active class minutes x 5 days a week x 9 weeks= 1800 minutes = 30 hours

How many marking periods per year? 4

30 hours x 4 quarters = 120 hours

How many years of language are offered in your district? 4

120 hours x 4 = 480 hours
480 x 90% = 432 hours

So…. if a student is never ill, never goes on a field trip, never attends an assembly, is never part of a fire/tornado/code red drill, never gets called to the office, never goes to the bathroom or locker, and never leaves early for sports, that student will have a MAXIMUM of 432 hours of exposure…

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